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For information on how to become a foster parent for dogs or cats please call 423-547-3031. You may also call if you're interesting in adopting any animals currently being fostered.

One Member's Story

Broyles' Foster Care and Adoption Program

When Pat joined CCHS over ten years ago, she realized that she could help most by providing foster care for "special needs" animal and then finding suitable homes for each one.

Sadly, Pat is allergic to cats and can only work with dogs.

One of the greatest needs has been to provide care for abandoned, pregnant dogs. Some of these mother dogs would not have made it without the care they received from Pat during the birth of their puppies. Mama dogs are spayed as soon as possible following the birth of their puppies to ensure they never go though this again.

Over the years Pat has cared for dogs with various health issues including Parvo, broken bones, skin problems, respiratory infections...the list goes on and on. Some of the animals she has fostered required around the clock care. One example is a litter of newborn puppies she took in after the momma was killed in a house fire. CCHS pays for the veterinarian care for these animals when needed and Pat provides the follow-up care.

Once an animal is healthy enough, they are placed up for adoption through Pat' adoption Program. The charge for the adoption includes the spay/neuter fee.The other money that comes from adoptions goes into another animal in need.

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